Chore Lists

So, I love lists. I use them for everything from grocery shopping to future goals and dreams. I need lists to keep me on track and stay motivated. I think the simple act of taking the time to write stuff down makes me one hundred more times likely to do it!

I want to share with you some of my lists that I use on a daily basis to get the basic household stuff done. I’ll attach them to my site…somehow… and you can download and modify for your own home!

Daily Schedule for Daycare

Calendar Example

Daily Chore List

Weekly Chore List

Spring and Summer Chore List

Winter and Fall Chore List

I also write down the extra stuff little I want to get done and leave that list on my counter until it’s complete…. things like; touch up chipped trim, clean out shed and paint front railing are on this weeks list to be completed before the weekend!

Remember…Today is a great day to throw something away!  Not “feeling the urge to purge”? Choose just one small thing today. Pick something from your closet or storage room and get rid of it! You’ll be one step closer to an organized home!

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