Don’t sweat the small stuff

In my home it is the little stuff that seems to create the biggest problems.  By “little stuff” I mean all those receipts, business cards, gift cards, invitations, lottery tickets, coupons and other scrap paper that add up to a big mess.  I am a hider, and once you stuff a receipt in a random place, you might as well throw it away because you’ll never find it when you need it!

There are many different options to organizing the small stuff in your home…and no, that pile on your kitchen counter or overflowing drawer does not count as organizing!

I personally use a Household Management Binder, but I’m going to offer a few suggestions that may also work for you.  Whatever system you chose, may I suggest you keep it in your kitchen or front entrance way, these just seem to be where the little things want to call home!

I LOVE my binder. It has plastic sleeves to hold all those little papers without me having to do anymore then shove them in. I have one tab for receipts, warranties, invitations, coupons, takeout menus and just about everything else!  When I want to find out directions to the wedding on Saturday, I just flip to the invitations section and volia!  If my new hard drive fails in a few months, I just flip to warranties and find the receipt stapled to the warranty and mail it away!

If a binder doesn’t work for you and you are more of a “piler”, try using a pretty basket or photo box filed with envelopes right on your counter.  Label each envelope for different “small stuff”.  I also love using a file holder box with a lid to hold your small papers. They come in so many pretty designs to match your decor and you can also use it to house bills and other important information that comes in the door.
If you are an “out of sight, out of mind” person, you need to set up a very visible and pretty system for the small stuff.  I LOVE the idea of getting five inexpensive stainless steel mailboxes and spray painting them a fun colour (like fire engine red). It is also easy to find cool vintage ones! Hang them all one on top of each other on a small section of wall in your entrance way or kitchen and don’t forget to label! One for receipts, one for invitations, one for mail to be paid etc… You could even have one for each family member and put special notes inside for each other! Clutter is out of sight and you have a unique and attractive organizing system!
Whatever your system is, just make sure you have one that everyone in the family uses! It is often the small stuff that is the most important and creates the most clutter!

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