I finally understand why some women love their shoe collection.  Yesterday I decided to venture under my bed to see what treasures it held and I pulled out my tote filled with dressy shoes. I knew the tote was under there, but totally forgot about all the cool shoes inside! Pretty high heel shoes I never wear taking up valuable space under the bed that could be used for bedding or sweaters.

I decided to do the shuffle and find a new home for my shoes. What better place then in my hall closet? I removed all the useless stuff on the top shelf and uncovered two feet of perfect shoe space! I went to Dollarama and was so geeked to find the most perfect clear plastic shoe boxes….OMG! I swear they are made for shoes! I bought 8 and they fit perfectly in two stacks of four on my shelf…Ahhhh.. Each box has one pair of pretty shoes that I can see (I labeled them anyways with colour and heel size because I am a huge loser).  I am going to buy 4 more tomorrow and then I’ll have to buy more shoes to fill them! I am in love with my shoe collection now, not so much the shoes, but how organized they are!!

I have heard this tip a million times before, as have you, I’m sure. Nice shoes can get ruined and dirty just stacked on top of each other and floor shoe shelves take up valuable space. These individual shoe boxes really work and look sooooo pretty! You can take pictures of the shoes and tape them to the front of the boxes, but then you would be an even bigger loser than me!

Anyhoo… the dollar store does have great clear shoe boxes which stack like a dream. Fill a shelf in  your closet, an entire bookshelf or hang a shelf on a wall with hooks underneath for belts, scarfs purses etc. Your shoes will be protected and look super organized… for very little money!

I’ll do a video blog tomorrow so you can check mine out!!

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