My kitchen is tiny. Very freakin’ tiny.  I have to store items I hardly use on top of my cupboards…which is less then ideal.  I was balancing on the top of a chair, looking for my favourite fruit tray up there when I knocked the lid behind the fridge…Damn it! After seriously considering just cutting my loses and buying a new fruit tray, I decided to stop being so lazy and pull out the fridge.

OMG. There was so much shit back there! Gross, dirty, disgusting shit. I have NEVER pulled out my fridge and it came with the house four years ago. I’m going to guess that the previous owners had NEVER pulled out the fridge either. I found kids artwork and it was not from my kids. I found food, dead bugs, mountains of dust and cat hair…I found broken glass, money, a whole freakin box worth of cheerios and a lot of goo that I could never identify.

It made think of what could be under the stove…Ahhhh… It turns my stomach. How about under the kitchen sink or the back of the bathroom closet. There are so many places that I just NEVER clean!  Behind the cat litter box…oh the horror!

The whole point is that I need to add these disgusting, but necessary, chores to my seasonal chore lists.  If I put it in writing I am way more likely to do it. So, how often are you supposed to pull out your fridge and vaccum the coils and clean out the dust and dirt? I have no idea but it is surely more then never.

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