My new scrapbooking bag!

I have grand plans to scrapbook all my little girls memories so they will cherish them for years to come, but I just never seem to get around to starting!

First of all, I am not a crafty person. My one and only scrapbook of my eldest daughters first year is just pictures with stickers and a few of my chicken scratches… but I still love it and want to make one for my youngest daughter as well.  Unfortunatley, I don’t have a lot of space to spread out my stuff, and with four little ones running around, I have no choice to pick up everything when I’m done. 

Scrapbooking requires a lot of “stuff”. Scissors, glue, paper, stickers, ribbon, glitter and of course, not to mention, pictures! Taking this all out and cleaning it all up just always seemed like more hassel then it was worth.. until I got my pretty pink scrapbooking tote bag! I’m in love with this thing!  It holds everything I need to work on Abby’s book and it is easy to reach and no work to clean up and put away! Now that my tools are so pretty and organized, I’m excited to start scrapbooking! The best part? I paid $20 for it from Zellers!

Check out my video to see my pretty bag!

Day Eight: Today is a good day to create a spot for receipts…Christmas is just around the corner. I use my Home Management Binder and just slide them into a plastic sleeve, but there are many options for storing your receipts. A photo box, a pretty basket, even an envelope will work. Just make sure it is in a convienient spot and that you and your family actually USE it!

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