Something Old, Something New

We were away this past weekend, for some more family summer fun, and while in London we stopped at Solutions. This is the only organizing store in all of Southwestern Ontario and I gotta say, I was super disappointed. I assumed I was going to see amazing products that would solve all of my organizing problems, or at the very least give me some new inspiration to blog about. Nope, just totes, baskets and the same old crap I can buy at the dollar store or Walmart…just seriously overpriced. “Sigh”. “Cry”.

I did buy one of those gift bag and wrapping paper organizing bags I have been wanting, but there was nothing else there that gave me any sort of warm tingly feeling. Not at all the real live wet dream I had envisioned and been looking forward to all week long.

So, products are not the answer. I know I have said this in the past, but now I actually believe it to be true.  It is not what you put your crap in, but how you put your crap in it. The sad part is I think I have organized and reorganized my home til there is just nothing left to do. I have read all the magazines and books I could find and I now realize that there are not even any cool products out there that I can buy.  My husband always teases me for surfing the web so often and he asks “have you found the end of the Internet yet?” After our trip to Solutions he teased “I think you have officially found the end of organizing”, and I think he is right. So sad. Now I need a new hobby. What else could possibly be so fun and rewarding and give me the flexibility to be able to do little bits here and there with instant gratification?  I have no idea, but I hope it’s out there.

As for your five minute tip… here she goes:

Day Five: Put all your essential daily makeup in one small container or bag. Only the basic stuff you use everyday and nothing else. Pull this sucker out in the morning and it makes getting ready so much faster without the rooting and digging for what you need.  All your basics are also always ready if you need to toss it in your purse for touch ups later in the day or if your going away for the weekend. Mine has my brushes, concealer, mascara, powder, eyeliner, brown shadow and that is it!  Don’t wear makeup or already have a system in place? Spend the five minutes going through your bathroom and tossing anything your not using or expired medication.

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