So many people struggle to keep up on laundry.  I have had hundreds of comments from people who are drowning in piles of dirty and even clean laundry and it doesn’t take long for it to completely take over your living space.

I have a easy solution, it does take some effort, but by just spending 20 minutes a day you will never have more then one load of dirty clothes in your home again!

First, you need to make sure not to mix clothes from separate rooms together. This just adds too much time when putting clothes away and is never worth it! Have one laundry basket for each room, they do not need to be IN that room, just FOR that room…make sense?  My husband and I share a room, we therefore share a laundry basket, but it is kept in the bathroom closet. Each of our daughters have their own room and therefore have separate laundry baskets…you’ll see why in a minute!

Do not have only ONE DAY a week for laundry, this just makes it too overwhelming. Instead, do a load everyday! Yes, EVERYDAY.  If you have a small family, you may only need to do it every other day.  Try to throw in a load in the morning before going to work, then switching it over when you get home. That way it will be done but still fresh by the time you go to bed.

Now here comes the tip. When you take it out of the dryer, bring the load directly to the bedroom where it belongs.  Now take this load and dump it on the bed…yes, all over your bed. You do this for three reasons, first it won’t get as wrinkly as it would shoved in a basket. Secondly, you are away more likely to put it away right then and there because you won’t want to leave it all over your bed.  Thirdly, if you do leave it there, you HAVE to put it away before bed. DO NOT THROW IT ON THE FLOOR OR BACK IN THE BASKET!  There are many nights that I am so tired and do not want to put laundry away, but it only take 10-15 minutes max and it is done. Take those few extra minutes, force yourself to do it, it is so worth never having piles of laundry again!!!

Day Seven: Tackle your “junk drawer” today! Throw out the real “junk” and put away anything that doesn’t belong in there!

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