The Power of Bleach

You have only to step into my home after I have cleaned my bathrooms to know I love bleach… damn space bar is broken…. need a new laptop…. can’t type without space bar….

Gotta make this short and sweet.  Saw my neighbour pouring bleach on his sidewalk and driveway and thought “WTF”? He went through three or four jugs before spraying it off with his hose. I gotta say, his home is always impeccable neat and clean, so I noticed no difference.  Our patio, on the other hand, is a stained, gross mess.

We had new concert poured and never sealed it…something I had no idea you had to do until the stains on mine refused to come off and Joe said “we should have sealed it”.  I bought expensive concert cleaner, which made a slight difference, but still left brown streaks from chocolate Popsicle’s, fallen leaves which rotted all winter and circles from my flower pots.

So I got out my half full bottle of bleach and poured it all over, just like I had seen my crazy lawn Nazi neighbour do to his.  Scrubbed with a push broom and after about five minutes, rinsed and scrubbed again.  The whole process took me less twenty minutes and my patio looks amazing!!! You gotta try this!

Day Ten…or Eleven…whatever: Go through your socks and pitch holey and stained ones…. how many socks do you really need? 

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