I have been doing “vlogs” (that is what the more experienced “youtubers”  call a video blog…so dumb, I know) now for about half a year or so and have been writing my written blog for the last few months. For the most part I get really nice comments but there have been a few people, including my mother, who have complained about my choice and use of certain words.

I gotta be honest here. I have a severely limited vocabulary. This blog has really showed me just how severe my problem is! I have been using the same words to describe certain characteristics since I was a child…and I am having the hardest time thinking of other ones with the same meaning! My two biggest offenders are “loser” and “gay”.  I realize now how hurtful and disrespectful it is to use “gay” to describe something “gay”… but I really could not think of another word to save my life! When I say “that is so gay” or “I am gay” I of course in no way mean homosexual or any offence to anyone’s sexual preference… It is simply my under educated, slightly redneck way of describing something “overly stereotypically feminine”… And that is just too freakin’ long to type all the time.

I also call myself a “loser” all the time. I do not mean to say that I am a “loser”, just that I like really “gay” stuff. See the problem here? But have no fear, I have the solution! I downloaded a free Thesaurus app on my ipod touch! I now have the entire dictionary at my disposal! I will finally understand what those Harvard pricks at the Wall Street Journal and CNN are talking about on google news! It may take me an hour to read the article having to check every other word for its meaning, but perhaps I’ll finally understand what’s going on in the world!

So, here is goes…my new and improved vocabulary! I am such an eccentric nancey dork for my super love of organizing.  So much better eh?

Anyways, I gotta throw in an organizing tip here or I’ll get a comment about that as well, so here she goes.  Have a home for everything and use the “one in, one out” rule.  By a “home for everything” I mean just that.  Where does your camera live? Your favourite purse? Your belts? Where do you keep the scotch tape? Everything needs a home and the whole family should know where that home is.  “On the floor” or “in the closet” does not count as a home!

The “one in, one out” rule is something I am always working on. We all buy too much stuff and we all have too much stuff to begin with.  We can at least keep it somewhat under control by using this rule all the time. Today I bought new black slip-on loafer type ballet-like shoes… I already have two pairs that I LOVE..but they are worn looking. My instinct is to keep both old pairs “just in case” and store them somewhere…but it is that mentality that leads to clutter everywhere.  No more “just in case” or “just for now”.  I bought new shoes, so an old pair has to go. 

Again, I just want to apologise to anyone who I have offended with my inappropriate vocabulary.  I will now stick to the words dweeb, dork, weirdo, nance and shirtlifter (I so don’t get this one) when describing how big of a loser I am for my love of all things super gay…

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