Getting ready for fall can be fun

Fall and I have a love / hate relationship. I LOVE the colours and the smells and, most of all, the temperature. Cool enough to have all the windows open with a lovely breeze but warm enough to still wear shorts and a t-shirt outside. Is there anything better then the changing of the seasons?  Well, I HATE the fact that I have a runny nose, itchy eyes and uncontrollable sneezing fits all night long (ragweed season) no matter how many drugs I take. I also dread going through my kids closets and packing up or donating summer stuff and unpacking fall clothes and coats and boots. Let’s not forget the garden.  Everything looks dead and crappy and it all needs to be cut down and ripped out…did I mention we have a pear tree that has decided to go ape-shit and drop a million pears a day all over my lawn??

Instead of all my “must do’s” for fall, I spent an hour today reorganizing my craft box and getting it ready for all the awesome fall crafts coming up! With cooler weather comes way more time indoors. This means kids get extra bored and you’ll need some cool craft ideas to keep them busy, and out of your hair.

If you have young kids, craft supplies are a MUST.  They give your children fun and positive ways to keep out of your freakin’ hair for 20 minutes so you can finally have just a moment without whining or fighting or “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY…LOOK AT THIS…MOMMY….. “sigh”. 

Fall has the best crafts. There are a million things they can do with leaves! Don’t forget apple crafts too. Thanksgiving and Halloween are coming up so there are a million more crafts! I like to have colouring and craft time everyday…even if they just colour a paper bag and you tell them they made a hand puppet!  We make necklaces and key chains with beads, puppets, silly hats and everything you can think of with toilet paper rolls. I have a few favourite websites that I get seasonal craft ideas from  KINDERART  and Mother Home and my most used, DLTK.

So, take a few minutes to pick out some fun Fall crafts, make a shopping list of supplies you’ll need and put together your own craft box or cupboard! Trust me, your kids will love it and so will you!

Note: If you have teenagers, they do not count as children and will probably think you are a total dork if you get them craft supplies. If you have a toddler, they are NOT too young for crafts.  Kids as young as 15 months love to colour and can easily follow simple instructions like “put the sticker here” or “pick out a pom pom nose” with some encouragement and help. 

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