It’s Potty Time…oh..oh..oh…oh.oh oh oh oh…oh oh oh oh …STOP…potty time….

That was my tribute to MC Hammer for all those who have no idea what I was doing.

So, my little one will be two this Friday and I am determined to have her potty trained by then! We are almost there, she rarely has an accident, but I am still having to take her all the time and she hasn’t starting telling me “before” yet…

With only a few days left before the big day, I’m pulling out the big guns and going to straight up underwear.  Ohhhhh the horror. This is by far the best and quickest potty training method I have tried, but it has its downsides. For starters, my cheap laminate floors can’t get wet without bubbling.  This means when she has an accident on my floor…more then likely, I’ll see it forever!  Secondly, I don’t want her sitting on my furniture until I am confident she can tell me every time she has to go. This means watching her like a hawk and having to distract with toys and games whenever she wants to sit on the couch. Lastly, I am a clean freak and absolutely hate the idea of poo and urine in my house which means I am a stressed out freak for the entire week it will take to get her trained… On the plus side, one week of feeling the pee run down her legs and having Mommy take her to the potty every half an hour will do the trick and I’ll be diaper free!!!

Here are a few steps for my sure fire potty training method.

Step one…no pull ups or diapers! Ah!!
Step two… set a timer every 45 minutes and put them on the potty
Step three…. tell them to make fart noises with their bum and laugh like it is the funniest freakin’ thing in the world when they do. They will push so hard to make more farts, a poop is sure to come out sometimes!
Step four…reward the try! We started using stickers with Abby (I stole the idea from my friend Jessica) but I used small pieces of candy for my older daughter Izzy.  I also have books for them to look at in order to entice them to sit a little longer.
Step five…Use a potty seat for your toilet. There are so many reasons for this I cannot even list them. You don’t have to empty it, kids love the noise the pee makes and you never have to worry about bringing one everywhere you go…besides the fact that the transition from potty seat to regular toilet is seamless.

I made a “potty box” to hold some potty stuff. Check out the video here 

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