Clutter Buster

I’m on a mission today! I am tackling my Chachkis with fierce determination. “Chachkis” is another word for knick-knacks, trinkets or whatever you call all that junk you are keeping around in your home.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is very important to have beautiful pieces in your home that bring you happiness when you see them, but all too often these objects can breed and take over surfaces making your home look cluttered and dated.  All your knick-knacks are also taking away your time by adding a lot of extra cleaning and dusting, so make sure each one is worth your time and energy.

My two-year old recently broke a very special figurine that was given to me by my late Aunt. I realized after it was gone that the loss of an object does not mean the loss of the memories.  I decided to rid my home of all of the things I am holding onto for sentimental reasons, even though I do not “love” them.

It’s the great Chachkis round up, and I suggest you try the same thing! Collect all the objects from around your home and bring them all to one area. Really look at each object and ask yourself, “Do I love this?” “Does this really fit with how I want my home to look?”. This is also a great time to dust and clean all these things too!

If you don’t love the object, but you don’t want to get rid of it yet either, try packing it away with a “Open October 2011” label on it. By packing it away, you can give yourself time to see if this object is really worth holding on to. When you open the box a year from now, the decision will be much easier to make!

You could also spray paint a few of your treasures all the same colour, like white. This gives your treasures a more modern and less cluttered look, while still keeping the sentimental value.

You’ll be surprised by home many “treasures” you have  in your home. Don’t forget picture frames too! Many people cover tables and shelves with too many mismatched picture frames which looks messy and cluttered. Once you have collected all your chachkis in one area, take a good look at your home without all the “stuff”. Does it look bigger? Cleaner? Now put back just a few items you really love! 

Here is a quick picture to show you the impact that simply removing clutter and putting things away can make in your home:


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