Seriously. I have heard the complaints about schools getting so PC it’s ridiculous, but it wasn’t until today that I really got it. What the freakin’ heck (I’m not swearing mom) is going on around here?  My daughter just started JK and today is her fourth birthday. Me being me, I dressed her in a tutu, tiara and her diamond encrusted number FOUR shirt…It’s her birthday for crying out loud!  I also made each classmate a gift bag filled with peanut-free Halloween candy. The Principal stopped me (her teacher was sick today) and told me food was prohibited and rudely asked “don’t you read the newsletter?”.  I totally get the whole “don’t bake anything” rule due to peanut allergies, but pre-packaged candy with the peanut-free label right on the side is a no-no now too?

K., so Izzy cried “my friends can’t have their presents?” and looked at me with those big, blue, tear filled eyes…damn…I told her I’d be right back and took the little ones to the dollar store to buy and make 20 toy filled gift bags. I return two hours later with two tired two-year olds in tow and present the principal with 20 gift bags filled with play-doh, bubbles, stickers and a few other random toys… She then says to me, “since you obviously don’t read the newsletter, I must inform you that costumes are not allowed at our school”.  She then gives my little Izzy a glance that could kill and I have to remind myself that slugging her stuck up principal is probably not a good “role model” thing to do. I politely tell the principal that a tutu is just a skirt and she rolls her eyes and says for Halloween she can only wear orange and black. Fine BEEOOCH… For Halloween Izzy is going to wear the biggest orange and black tutu I can make with a orange and black head band that looks like a witches hat…It’s just a hair accessory, not a costume.

Taking away Halloween, Christmas and all the other cool holidays is just down right retarded. Come on people. Next are you going to get rid of hotdog days because Jewish people don’t eat pork, let alone pork anus? I mean, what religion does Halloween offend? I completely agree with removing the prayers from the public school system, but this is too far. When is enough enough? Aren’t there religions out there that believe women shouldn’t work or show their faces? They should remove all female staff from the public school system immediately, starting with Izzy’s bitchy-ass principal.

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