Tis the season for stress, overspending and guilt about all the family I can’t squeeze in over the holidays.  I really don’t like Christmas. Every year is always the same, too many families to see and too little time to fit them all in. This year we actually have 3 family parties just on Christmas Eve, impossible to go to all, so who do you choose? 
I put my foot down this year and we are waking up Christmas morning in our own house! Would it be easier just to stay over at the in-laws after a late Christmas Eve party instead of driving all the way back to Windsor? Yes. Would I get to go to the two separate family Christmas parties both happening on Christmas day? Probably. Instead I opted to stay home with my own family ALL DAY LONG! I do feel guilty about the two sets of families I have to miss on Christmas Day, but every year we literally run from party to party, never really enjoying any of it. This year alone we have 10 separate family Christmas gatherings we have been invited to, 8 of which are all in a three days span. Something has to give.
Adding to my stress is my desire to get everyone the “perfect gift” while trying to be fair and spend the same on almost everyone. Often times I settle on some piece of junk gift that costs way too much because I have no idea what else to get for that person. Christmas, Bah Humbug.
Enter my “Homemade Christmas”.  This year I decided to make a little something for everyone on my list, along with the usual crap I buy them. I want Christmas to be special for me again. I want to like Christmas again. It’s not about the gift, it is about the love you put into that gift. It is not about seeing EVERYONE on Christmas Day either. I would rather take my time and see everyone over the entire week, without rushing or stressing about being late for the next party. Ahhhhhh. This year I am going to stop and smell the pine cones.

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