I love the show Hoarders. It is that same sick fascination that causes people to slow down at accidents in order to take a quick peek…you don’t want to look, but you just can’t help yourself.

After watching countless episodes, I have come to realize that these are generally just normal people who love their belongings (even the stuff that is obviously trash) and have a hard time getting rid of things. Clutter can creep in and seems to grow overnight. When does it go from that pile in your bedroom corner or spare room into an entire house full of crap? I think it is a gradual progress that, when seen day in and day out, can become almost invisible to the owner of all the clutter.

Think about your own home. Are their rooms with piles of stuff or boxes of “important things” in the corners? Is your storage room/attic/garage full of who knows what?

I have only lived in my home for four years and have already filled it up. What about a year from now? Ten years? Twenty? We have countless broken “to be fixed” things, kids toys and old clothing taking up valuable real estate.

So what is the difference between a home over thrown with clutter and a neat and organized one? Someone in the neat and organized home took some time to toss shit out and put things away. That’s it. No magic, just good old fashion motivation.

These pictures are all the motivation I need!

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