Quick, Cute and Inexpensive Gift

We go to a lot of holiday parties every year. I always have gifts for parents, grandparents and little ones, but with the mass amounts of cousins, aunts and uncles, it just isn’t feasible to get everyone a gift. Usually I give out a holiday card with a family photo inside, but this year I wanted a little something different.

Enter Snowman Candy Bars! I subscribe to TipJunkie and she had an amazing link for these adorable and easy to make snowman candy bar wrappers. They fit perfectly over a Hershey bar! I used a kids size magic glove (pack of four from dollar store) for the hat and a scrap of old material for the scarf..Voila! A sweet little gift for under $1.00. I added a personal little message on the back of each of the bars.

Download the template HERE and print and create your own holiday candy bar snowmen! Unless of course you are a member of my family! Please do not show up with candy bar snowmen at the same holiday party as me!!

Merry Christmas Everyone and Enjoy!

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