A lot of people email me saying they just don’t have the “time” to organize their home. I can’t lie, organizing your home is often a huge job but it will undoubtedly save you time…a lot of time…and much sooner then you think.
I like to think of organizing as an investment in your home. For the most part, this investment is purely your time and effort, but the return on your investment is enormous. For every five minutes you spend organizing, I can guarantee you will save ten minutes or more over the course of a year. The fact is that being organized saves you way more time then it takes to get organized in the first place. Not only that, but the additional benefits are a big ol’ cherry on top of your organizing sundae! Less stress, more money and a clean and beautiful home for you and your family to enjoy… Can you tell I love organizing? What’s not to love?


Organizing your kitchen will save you countless hours of meal preparation. Organizing kids toys will mean that you no longer have to put their toys away because they will be able to easily do it themselves. Organized paperwork means bills are paid on time and no more forgotten appointments or birthdays. Organizing your bedroom means never having to search for clothing in the morning or looking everywhere for your missing belt, shoes or necklace….I probably honestly save three to four hours a week just in NEVER having to search for a missing item anymore.

Not convinced? Here is a quick example in my own life. It takes me half the time to get ready in the morning then it did before getting organized. I now know where everything is and it is easy to get to…no more rummaging for a shade of eyeshadow or searching for those pants I knew I had just washed. Time it took to get my bathroom and bedroom closet organized? 2 hours. Time I save daily? 15 minutes. Over the course of a year that is more then a 4000% return on my investment.…Seriously, I did the math!  If only I could make that kind of return on my RRSP…. I’d be blogging from my yacht right now instead of my $200 sofa.


K. I gotta be honest. My husband did the math….lol

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