Last night I received a call from my Mom. I completely forgot that she sometimes reads my blogs and she, of course, read yesterdays blog in which I lovingly referred to her as a “basket-case” and said that I came from “a long line of crazy’s”. Oops. Sorry Mom.

She took it like a champ though and actually posted me this reply to share with all of you:
Hi!  Well, after 36 years working full time, raising a family, taking care of large gardens, cleaning the house, making meals, being stressed out and GROUCHY & TIRED… I thought, “this is enough!” I felt like I had no time for myself or others. So, for you older gals out there, I decided to search for the perfect helper!!
HOUSEKEEPER? OH NO! “You’re just being lazy” I said to myself.  I’m also so fussy about cleaning. Taps have to be shiny, every crevasse in the toilet has to be clean.  “Who could put up with you??” I thought.
So, I finally asked myself “what is my weakest link when it comes to cleaning?” YES!! Picture frames, ceiling fans, cleaning the glass on the french doors, pulling out all the furniture when vacuuming.  Well, I found the perfect person for all the jobs I don’t like doing and just about everything else! For only 4hrs every 2 weeks!
I found I now have more time to enjoy other things and relax more, especially when entertaining. No more dust balls flying off the kitchen ceiling fan adding a little something extra to the hours spent preparing what you thought was a awesome meal!
I still believe that people should call before dropping in, even older people could be engaged in other activities or maybe even taking a nap! Having a housekeeper is a wonderful gift to myself, and after all these years, I deserve it!
Over 56 enjoying life!
Love your “Basket-Case” Mom

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