Big Box Debate

Do you know what I always see when I watch shows like “Hoarders”? Empty boxes. 

Do you keep your empty boxes, or throw them away? Empty boxes can steal valuable real estate in your home, but many people hold onto them...just in case. So, the question is, when do you NEED to keep the box?

In our home, for large, expensive purchases (like stereo, tv’s, cameras), we keep the box for a few months in case we want to return or exchange it. After that, they are not necessary! For all the other smaller items we purchase, the box only needs to stay until the next recycling day!

Take out the manuals and warranties and staple the receipt to them. You may also want to cut the bar code off the box and staple it to the warranties as well. Create a place in your home where all your warranties, manuals and receipts will live...just in case. Have this in a convenient spot that you and your family can access quickly and easily. We use our Household Management Binder, but you may want to use a folder in your filing cabinet or a labeled basket on a shelf.

I do keep boxes for some Christmas decorations though. These items get stored 11 months out of the year, and I like knowing exactly what it is when I pull them out of storage. The boxes do take up a little more space…but in this case, I make an exception!

So create a special place for warranties and manuals today! Don’t forget to toss out some empty boxes too!

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