Company’s Coming

I come from a long line of crazy’s. My mother and my mother’s mother both have the ability to invoke sheer terror in the entire household anytime company is coming. I, unfortunately, have inherited this same basket-case trait.

I not only clean when I know someone is coming over, I clean…. My husband has learned the hard way to give me no more than 24 hours notice and no less then an hour…or there will be hell to pay. I don’t know what comes over me…I am completely transformed into an insane psychopathic superwomen whose only mission is to rid the world of every last spec of dirt. I’m working on this.

That being said, I have learned how to be a faster psychopathic cleaning superwomen now that my husband is trying his best to tame the beast inside me. He insists that I no longer stay up all night cleaning and instead spend some actual time with him. 

So here are my quick cleaning tips.

1. Spray the tub and toilet with Fantastic with Bleach or some other kind of bleach spray. Leave it to sit for minimum 10 minutes and then rinse. No scrubbing….ever…

2. Swiffer Vac and Mop are life savers and total must have for every cleaning machine. I cut my floor cleaning time down to mere minutes with these helpful tools.

3. Don’t neglect the secret spots.  The difference between a clean house and clean house are the little forgotten areas that can make your home seem dingy.  Light switches and finger prints on the walls around them, door knobs and fingerprints around them, fridge handles, stove knobs, garbage cans and cobwebs in corners and on light fixtures….we all forget these areas because we don’t notice them anymore…but company will. I almost forget the most overlooked place…the base of the toilet….almost always forgotten, almost always puke worthy.

4. Make your beds every morning. It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, if your beds are unmade, your room will look messy.

5. Mirrors and taps. My mom made me a freak about shining my taps with windex…..gawd I need help.

QUICK TIP: Vim with bleach is an easy way to get stained plastic areas like garbage cans, stools, fridge handles and stove knobs looking like new. Just rub on and let sit for five minutes then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Clean your home like company is coming!

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