This past Sunday I got to help my sister organize her master bedroom! I actually had a really fun time doing it and hopefully I helped her setup easy-to-maintain organizing systems and solutions for her clothes and accessories.

I think having another person to help and motivate you is critical for a lot of people when it comes to organizing their home. For myself, hiring a personal trainer has been the motivating factor for me to finally get of my rump and make an effort in losing weight….but it is more then just motivation. My trainer gives me a new perspective, accountability and the knowledge I never had before. Perhaps some people need a professional organzier to do in their homes what my trainer is doing for my behind!

I also discovered first hand this weekend the effect that dust can have on a persons health. I stirred up and breathed in a lot of dust in the organizing process of my sisters room (not that her house is super dusty, just what happens when you do any major re-organizing!). Two days later, I am still feeling it’s effect. My nose is red and swollen inside. I have an nagging dry cough and when I blow my nose, there is noticeable dirt coming out (yes I looked, gross, I know). The worst part is the migraine which started on Sunday afternoon and has not yet gone away.  I am allergic to dust and though I took allergy medicine before I stared cleaning, the effects can obviously last days. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt like this after a major clean either, anytime I move my sofa or get to areas that I don’t vacuum often..I feel sick for a few days afterward!

If you suffer from allergies, asthma, constant runny nose or migraines… you may want to consider dust as the culprit!  I have noticed a big difference in my allergies since getting a Roomba as it now vacuums everyday. My basement often gets forgotten though and I can tell if it hasn’t been vacuumed in a few days because I start getting stuffed up after spending a few hours down there.

The best way to see if your symptoms are caused by dust is to clean, clean, clean. If a few days after a good clean you feel better, you’ll know it was the dust contributing to the problem.  If you’re worried stirring up dust from a major clean will aggravate your symptoms, hire a cleaning company for the day! For less then $100 they can get your entire home dust free for you…and if you have dust allergies, it is worth every penny!

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