Free Giveaway

I am almost to 1000 subscribers on my youtube vlog, and to celebrate, I am doing a free giveaway! As soon as I hit 1000 youtube subscribers I will be randomly selecting one person and shipping them a big box of all my favourite cleaning supplies! Fabric sweeper, pledge, windex, vim, a swiffer vac and more!

So, if you have no yet subscribed to my youtube channel, click here.  Subscribe and then “favourtie” any of my videos for your chance to win! Already subscribed? Share this with friends and family through email or Facebook to give them a chance to win too! I have 780 subscribers so far, so I’m almost there!

Once I hit 5000 subscribers I will be giving away my all time favourtie cleaning buddy…a brand new Roomba! 

Thanks for reading and watching and Happy Organizing!

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