Give yourself the gift of breathing room and start the year off right!

My girls were spoiled again this year, as were my husband and I, so I had the job of finding new homes for all our treasures! 

I tried hard to follow the one in, one out rule, when it came to clothes and toys…but space is still a huge issue in my home so doing the clutter shuffle is my favourite dance. I found space for my fold up kids picnic table under the sofa and emptied a drawer for my new craft supplies. I filled a new pretty box with earrings and bracelets and got rid of a shopping bag of old socks. I purged kids toys and colouring books and shoes that were too small. Slowly, over the course of a few days I have found new and easy to access homes for all our new stuff.
Start this year off with a garbage bag or two and fill them up for charity! Get rid of broken stuff you will never fix, clothes that are too small or you no longer wear. Bought new boots? Pitch the old ones. Purging is hard at first, we all would like to hold onto all our possessions, but having a clean and clutter free home feels better then looking at a pile of worn out or unused belongings…
Make some new space in your home today. I can’t think of a better way to start the new year off right!
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