Kitchen Command Centre

In my dream house, I picture a large command centre in my kitchen complete with individual family message boards, baskets, a homework and bill paying station and a giant family calendar…colour coded of course!  I envy those who can achieve this level of organization, but alas, I just don’t have the space.
What I do have is sheer determination to make my home, and my life, run like a well oiled machine (meaning no unnecessary work which equals more time for family and myself). I also have a fridge door that can work as my command centre until my dream home becomes a reality!
I struggle with meal planning, grocery lists and sticking to my guns when it comes to my kids rules! So I decided to create tools to help me with these areas and put them right on the fridge door!  My kitchen is small, so without any available wall space, the fridge door is my only option…and it just happens to be a giant magnetic board at that!

I now have my dry-erase family calendar, daycare calendar, weekly meal planner and grocery list, to-do list, household rules and the kids chore lists right where I can see them everyday! 

So print, edit and create your own command centre in your home! I still use my binder daily…I suppose that is my second-in-command centre, but I need certain things to be clearly seen or I’ll just plain forget about them! Here are some pictures of my fridge door, along with other command centre inspiration. Happy Organizing!

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