My keepsake trunk

Perhaps I was little overzealous and completely insensitive. Whatever my reason, I was in the wrong. I blame my small house syndrome entirely.

Yesterday, in my desperation for just one more inch of space, I did yet another purge. I came across these red matching knit sweaters from my husbands grandma, and into the bag they went. My kids have never worn them, nor would they probably ever wear them. I have many blankets, dresses and other sweaters that she made in my daughters closet, but I purged the red sweaters. While blogging yesterday, I mentioned tossing the sweaters…and may even mentioned that I thought they were..ummm…less then my taste…..Ohhhhh the shame….. Did I ever get it! I was put in my place by a number of complete strangers, and rightfully so.

So, at midnight I scurried out to my van and pulled the sweaters out of the donation bag. Now, where to I put them? I have sentimental things all over my home, blankets shoved in the top of closets and baby clothes under beds…. I decided I should give these things a place of honour, whether I liked it or not.  I did yet another Jenga shuffle and cleared out a trunk in my living room that had been filled with board games.  Voila….my keepsake trunk. It is already full after I gathered everything I could remember stashing from around my home…but now I’ll be sure I’ll never be tempted to purge these items again….until the trunk begins to overflow……but I have a year or two before that happens!

Make a keepsake trunk! Or dresser, or closet or room…..depending on how much stuff you have collected! Storing your treasured items in boxes and totes in basements or attics may not be the best place for them…your basement could flood, or you could get overzealous with spring cleaning or you could kick the bucket early…without giving these items a home they deserve that is easily recognized.

Perhaps I should be focusing less on making new space, and start cherishing the items that I already have in my home.

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