A Cricket is a piler! They are very neat and tidy piles, but piles none the less. Crickets tend to be very logical and like things in a certain order.  Once a filing system is set in place the Cricket will have no problem following it…it’s just a matter of finding the time to setup the right system! Crickets are often quite organized and may be even a bit over organized…in theory.  Crickets like very detailed and logical organizing systems which can sometimes take too much time to setup or too much work to use them properly. Therefore they stack neat piles until they have time to put them away properly…unfortunately, they hardly ever have the time.

The best solution for a Cricket is to let go a little bit. Try “Marco-Organizing” your piles instead of “Micro-Organizing”.  Here is an example: Joe wants to file his financial paperwork into a filing system. He wants a file for his RRSP’s with a separate folders inside for each year and fund. He also wants a separate folders for stocks and one for his children’s RESP.  In the meantime all his papers are stacked in neat piles on his desk..and have been for months.  A good solution would be to make one file called “investments” and file everything together for the meantime. He can always “micro-organize” this file folder at a later time, but at least it is put away today!

Here are some good organizing solutions for Crickets:

  • Setup a filing system in a filing cabinet close to your desk or a desktop hanging file folder system for your kitchen counter or desk. Label each file folder and file alphabetically. Use general categories (Financial, Utilities, Insurance, Auto, School etc) to start until you have more time to make a detailed filing system.
  • Set a timer when organizing to encourage you to move fast and stay focused.
  • Use shelving and stackable storage solutions. If you do use bins and baskets, label, label, label.
  • Place open baskets or bins on your desk or kitchen counter to hold you piles until you can get to them. This will be a visual reminder that your stack is getting too big for the basket and it is time to put it away.
  • Make yourself a to-do reminder on your phone or computer that automatically reminds you of the tasks you want to complete each day.
  • Turn off distractions like your phone, email and television when starting a project.
  • Paper is your nemesis! Invest in a paper shredder and use it….often!!
  • A labeler is your best friend. Label containers, file folders and just about everything else to ensure that you put it away.

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