My New Binder System!

I have been looking at my home differently these past few days in an attempt to make it run even more efficiently! I have been identifying systems that “work” for me in each room to help me fix the things that don’t.

Everyone organizes differently and what may work for some people, may not for others. In my kitchen I realized that my Household Management Binder worked well for me, but my recipe box did not. I decided to take 30 minutes and create a recipe binder using the same clear plastic sleeves that I use for my HMB. My recipe box has long been an area that I get frustrated with, but I just didn’t see a quick and easy way to fix it.  By removing the box I can now fit many binders in my kitchen and use them to organize the areas that I have been struggling with like recipes, craft ideas and kids artwork storage!

I also used this same method in our office. I thought about what does work for Joe which is our tool organizing box system and used that same method to solve our piling problem in the office. I created an ongoing “project box” for him. His project box is filled with small things he need to deal with whenever he gets some free time (which isn’t often). Instead of having piles on his desk for weeks or months he now has a portable box he can take with him into the living room and go through at his leisure.

Take a look in your home today and find different solutions that “work” for you. Do you love your hanging file system, drawers, shelves, binders, open bins, hooks? Now think about how you can use these systems to solve the problems that aren’t working for you. Perhaps you use often use a binder to hold reference material at your job but can’t find a system for your bills and paperwork at home. Why not use a binder at home too? Do you always hang your coat on a hook at work but can’t ever get it on a hanger at home?  Install hooks right on the wall in your entrance way or inside your closet at home.  Discover your organizing style by taking a good look at what works for you today!

Thanks again for reading and Happy Organizing!

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