Organizing Kids Artwork!

We all think our children are little Picaso’s, but we can’t keep EVERYTHING they create! So how do we display and save their best pieces?

I opted to create a beautiful binder for my four year old this year.  Her binder is like a journal of her first year of school, and I intend on making one for every year! I keep all her artwork, school photo’s, stats (size, weight, etc) as well as report cards and special notes and cards in there! I also have a section for writing little notes about her day and stories she tells me. What a special keepsake for her….and it was very little work for me! You can download and print all the things you need for your own binder HERE!

I also wanted a special way to display a few of her latest masterpieces! I bought a small display board from Homesense for her room, but here are a few of my other favourite ways!

I bought something just like this one, but in pink, for Izzy’s room! Love it! You could easily make one using a board cut down and clips from Staples!

Scan your kids artwork and have it printed in a special book at or any other photo place. These durable books will be fun for your little one to look at for years to come and a wonderful keepsake for when they get older. Have them tell a story for the pictures and include this at the bottom of each page!

I love these frames that open in the front. It is a quick and easy way to display artwork in your home and make it actually look like art! What kid wouldn’t want his very own gallery?

These wire hangers are from Ikea, but I have seen this fun display done with clothes line and pegs too! This is a perfect way to display a lot of artwork…and dry the freshly painted ones too!

I’d love to see the creative ways you display your kids artwork! Send me a picture at [email protected]!

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