You can spend anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars on a closet organizing system. The cost scares a lot of people away and I don’t blame them, isn’t there a better way to spend hundreds of dollars then on some shelving inside your closet? Of course there is, but the truth is, it doesn’t need to be expensive at all!

My favourite closet system is not the prettiest and it doesn’t have fancy pullouts or custom shoe racks. I LOVE organizing but even I can’t justify spending a lot of money for the inside of a closet when I can create the same use of space for a fraction of the price. I love the plain old wire or wood shelving you buy from home depot and cut down yourself. Buy a few adjustable bars for the back and voila….you have created a custom closet for next to nothing. Want drawers in the bottom half of your closet? Why not use baskets or bins on shelving or even slide in an old dresser?

If you have a regular old closet with just one simple clothes bar, you can no idea what you are missing! Consider replacing the bar with two wire closet shelves, one hung at the top and one in the middle. The great thing about these (besides being cheap) are that they function as a shelf as well as a clothes hanger rod. They can be cut down at home to any size you need with a regular old saw.


Too nervous to cut and create yourself? Consider the canvas option! These hanging closet organizers are cheap and very durable! Hang these from your rod to create storage for books, shoes, sweaters and more!

Here are a few more closet designed using cheap wire adjustable shelving for inspiration!

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