Contain Clutter in…

I am a basketaholic. Let’s be honest, can you ever really have enough? The answer is no.

Here is an easy acroymn to follow when organizing your S.P.A.C.E.

S is for Sorting

P is for Purging

A is for Assigning a home

C is for Containing


Of course the “C” is my favourite part. There is one thing that you will find in every single organized home and that is BASKETS and BINS! They are a crucial part of organization and they make it easy for your home to stay nice and organized.

It is important not to just jump to this step or your containers may just become clutter,but once you’ve sorted, purged and assigned a good home for your stuff…it’s time to buy some CONTAINERS! I recommend getting many baskets that are all the same or at least coordinating…and buy a few extra for the future too.

I use containers everywhere to keep thing neat and in their place. In drawers, closets and cupboards…everything from batteries to bathing suits are in a container so everything has a home!

Treat your home to some pretty new baskets!

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