Create a Custom Shower Curtain

I love everything about decorating, except the spending money part. I can’t help but notice the latest decorating trend is 70’s chic! Large flower prints and 70’s colour schemes are everywhere in home decor stores, decorating magazines and even furniture!  I was so tempted to purchase some bold turquoise wallpaper that I fell in love with, but redoing an entire room based on a passing trend just isn’t going to happen right now. 

A few days ago I was watching a post on youtube by a designer I subscriber to. She took two shower curtains and sewed them together to make a custom one! She said shower curtains should go right from the ceiling to the floor! She is so right! Why are shower curtains so short? I have horrible ugly pink tile in my shower which a regular shower curtain just can’t hide.

A new project, yeah! I pulled out my sewing machine I got for Christmas and headed to the fabric store in search of 70’s chic! My walls are moss green, so I had to find something to match! I came across a large flower print with moss green and turquoise! Who would  have guessed?

A few hours later and I have a new shower curtain! It was so easy to sew! I used grommets for top, so no more tangled shower hooks!  I used the extra fabric to line the back of my medicine cabinet cubbies and behind the frosted glass doors.  This is a great tip for tying in fabric or wallpaper, and is easy to do. Cut a piece of card stock to fit the back of your bookcase or cubbyholes in your space. Cover the card stock with fabric or wall paper and fit it into the back of the shelf. It is so easy and such a custom, coordinated look! I also framed a scrap piece of the fabric for a coordinating piece of art.

My husband hates the fabric. He says it is hideous, and you might agree with him, but that is not the point! You can easily and inexpensively transform your bathroom by sewing a custom shower curtain! Don’t sew? No problem! Buy premade curtain panels that will carry right to the ceiling. Ikea and many other home stores sell panels 8 feet or taller! Who says you can’t use a curtain for a shower curtain?





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