How much is more storage worth to you? I often say “I need a bigger house” and feel like my family and our possessions are crammed into this home like sardines.

How much would you pay for more space?  Maybe you don’t have to spend a dime! We all have tonnes of  unused storage in our homes, it is just hiding under all our crap!

I went to Shoppers yesterday and bought deodorant. They were on sale so I bought an extra one to put in my closet.  When I got home I discovered under piles in my “extra product”  basket that I already had five deodorants in there that I didn’t even know I had! I have so many products in my bathroom that I never use; Lotions, soaps, perfumes, medication and makeup are just a few examples. Things I have purchased that I didn’t like or gifts that I received but just never used.  When I look at these things I see one thing…money.  I see the $20 I spent on that hand cream (even though it smells like wet dog) or that $30 tube of lipstick (even though it makes me look like a hooker).  I just can’t throw them out! It feels like I am wasting money.

Today I tried to look at my stuff differently.  These products did cost me money, but holding onto them is just costing me more money because they are cluttering up my space making it hard to see what I even have! My space is valuable and filling it up by keeping things that are worthless to me just because they were expensive doesn’t make sense. I purged today. I purged 35 items from my bathroom and I feel great. It was difficult at first. I would say to myself “maybe you should hold onto that just in case….” and then I told myself that it was costing me money keeping it, not saving me money.

A good example is a pack of razor blades I bought over a year ago. My husband uses Mach 3 blades but they were $20 so I bought some no name kind that were $15! When I got home, the no name kind did not fit his razor! What a waste of $15! I held onto them because “they were expensive” and “maybe I’d need them one day”. It has been over a year and my husband still uses and loves Mach 3 blades. Keeping the other ones is just silly. I’m not saving money, the money I spent on them was wasted the minute I bought them…keeping them is just making that mistake even more expensive!

So purge today! Really look at your bathroom products and get rid of expired medications, makeup you don’t like and lotions you will never use. You’re not wasting the products by tossing them out, you’re wasting your space by keeping them!



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