Why not use a coupon?

I watched that crazy extreme couponing show last week and I have to say, I was inspired. I mean those people are insane and spend way too much time clipping coupons, but who wouldn’t want to save money on their grocery bill?

I have never used a coupon in my life. Never.  Well, I guess I did use a Chucky Cheese one on my daughters birthday…so I guess I cannot say never.  After watching that show, I decided to stop at the coupon wall at my grocery store and take a look. I found a lot of coupons for things I was planning on buying anyways, and one for $4.00 off Captains Morgan’s fish.  When I got to the fish section I saw that the same fish was on sale for $5.00 off! So I saved a total of $9.00!! Yippee!

I found a small photo book I wasn’t using and decided to use that to organize my coupons (so it can fit nicely in my purse). I’m not going to go crazy, but if I see one for a product I use anyways, I’ll pick up a few coupons and organize them into my small photo book.

The great thing is that coupons are usually good for a few months or even longer, so you can grab some and wait for that item to go on sale. A great example is that last week Save.ca had Secret deodorant $2.00 off coupons. This week, Secret is on sale for $2.00 at Sobeys which would mean free deodorant (they do have $1.00 coupons at the front of Sobeys now which means $1.00 deodorant this week, but free is better)!

So stop at the coupon wall the next time you are out an about and visit these great sites (if you live in Canada) to see what the best deals are this week and get some great coupons!

Canadian Saver They tell you what is on sale and where to find the corresponding coupon to make it free or almost free!

Proctor and Gamble This site offers saving on the items you buy anyways!

Smart Canucks More great offers and coupons!

Save.ca And even more!

Happy Couponing! Every now and then I’ll share with you if I find a good free product deal!


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