Greeting Card Clutter

Apr 10, 2011 | Blog, Closets

Why do we feel this complusion to buy someone a card on their birthday? Even if I have gotten someone a nice gift, I feel this need to waste my money on a card as well. A card that will probably be in the garbage the next day…what a huge waste. A waste of money, trees and room in our landfills…not to mention the resources to make and dispose of it.   Truthfully, I wouldn’t want my loved ones holding onto all the cards I’ve ever gotten them, I do not want to add to anyones household clutter in anyway!

So why do we all do it? Peer pressure? Guilt? Hallmark has us all hook, line and sinker! What is wrong with a nice email or old fashion letter?  Don’t get me wrong, there is always a time and place for a lovely card. My Grandma Audie always picks the most thoughtful cards and writes nice notes inside. I save many of those in my kids memory boxes, but I don’t even have the room to store all of them and truthfully, a letter from her would be just as nice.

Will I look cheap if I stop or just make my own? Why do I feel guilty when I throw out cards that I have received for birthdays and Christmas? Are we really expected to hold onto that piece of paper forever? Dedicate an entire closet to cards? I don’t think so. Let’s loose the guilt and recycle those cards! Let’s go one step further and stop putting pressure on others to keep our cards by stopping using them all together! 

Write a nice note, send an email or say it face to face.  Cards are clutter…expensive, guilt ridden clutter.  Let’s let go of them today!