Organize your Easter

When I was little I always had a Easter Egg Riddle Hunt. They are some of my favourite and most cherished childhood memories! My little ones are too young for word riddles, so we use picture riddles for our Easter Egg Hunt.  I tried to find a free printable for all of you busy Moms out there, but I couldn’t find anything! I decided to make a little one instead.  Here is a fun and quick Easter Egg Hunt Riddle for your little ones! Just print it out, cut them out and put them in plastic Easter eggs! Easter Egg Hunt Riddles

And I also found an adorable Easter Bunny Candy Wrapper. It’s a cute alternative to a card and the best part is you can EAT it! Easter Bunny Candy Wrapper

I am a huge dork!  I organize more than just my home, I try to plan and organize just about everything or I’m left feeling stressed out and forgetting something! This Easter is no exception! We have a lot going on in a short amount of time and that makes me super anxious.  I find the best way for me to stop fretting about all the details and trying to remember everything is to MAKE A LIST. If you are a worry wart like me, I recommend making yourself an ongoing list for just about everything. It eases your mind knowing that everything is written down and you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.  My brain space is very limited.

This Easter weekend is reminiscent of Christmas in that we are fitting way too much into a short amount of time. Saturday morning the Easter bunny comes to our house and then we are off to a potluck and Easter egg hunt.  Can’t forget the gifts for the nieces and something for the potluck! We are sleeping at the in laws that night and will not being going home for three days so, of course, there is major packing to do. Easter morning we are going to brunch with Joe’s grandparents (and yet other Easter Egg Hunt) and then off to dinner with my grandparents (and another Easter Egg Hunt).  Right after Easter dinner we are taking the kids to my parents and then Joe and I make the long 6 hour drive to our hotel where our friend is getting married. Can’t forget all the stuff I need for her wedding! Easter Monday wake up early and do all the wedding getting ready stuff and then off to the wedding! We are staying another night to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and then back to pick up the kids on Tuesday! Whew. I’m exhausted just typing that out…planning for this weekend is a test of my organizational skills…or lack there of!

So what are you doing this weekend? Organize your Easter with a little planning and a good old fashion list!


Have a Wonderful Easter Everyone!


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