Where do you keep it?

Today I created a new Medical information sheet so that I had all our family’s medical information together and organized in case of an emergency.

So, where do you keep your medical information or do you even keep it at all? I keep a list of medications my daughters have been on (you never know) from the pharmacy as well as my last blood test results (to compare my levels with next time). Maybe I’m a freak, well I most certainly am, but I think that stuff is important to keep.

Where do you keep Important Numbers like your doctor, mechanic and kids school? Where do you keep your Resturant and Take Out Numbers for those nights you just don’t want to cook? How about your sister-in-laws cell phone number? Do you have a Family Yellow Pages?

If you were given concert tickets tomorrow, where would you keep them? Your kids daycare or school schedule? Do you have a calendar with dates of anniversaries and birthdays of all your loved ones?

I used to struggle with all these little things. I struggled with finding a place for all the paperwork I needed to get to easily without it in piles on my kitchen counter. Enter my Household Management Binder. It’s a one stop place for all those little important things we should keep, but often misplace.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your binder today!

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