Getting Organized for Fall

Sep 9, 2011 | Blog, Closets, Organizing Tips

Fall crept up on me like a spider on Little Miss Muffet.  Gosh, I need a life outside of small children.  Anyways, it literally went from wearing shorts to needing a jacket within a week.  Whether this is a passing cold front or not, the fact of the matter is that I need to get my kids fall clothes ready and pack up the summer shorts and dresses.

I hate this task.  I loathe getting out the totes filled with fall and winter clothes, checking sizes, hanging it all up and packing up the summer stuff.  First of all, it’s depressing to admit that summer is officially over.  Secondly, it’s a lot of work!  In the past I would pick away at this job during quiet time with the kids, but this year it’s a whole new ball game.  I went from stay-at-home Mom who babysat a few kids to running a full-time home daycare complete with TWO one-year-olds (one of which cries NON STOP).  I hardly have time to pee.

I now fully understand what it is like to be a working Mom. It sucks.  Just finding time for the daily chores like laundry and dishes is hard enough and it leaves ZERO time for big organizing projects, let alone time to relax.  I’m not complaining, just feeling empathy for all those other working parents out there who feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day.  I had no idea how good I had it before!

So, time to change how I manage my time.  I need to get my kids closets together and I need to schedule time to do it.  Today’s task:  Taking out the totes and sorting what will fit and what won’t.  That is all I will realistically have time for today and I’ll need to schedule the putting away and packing up for another day.   Man, so much for a super organized home. Guess I’ll have to settle for a work-in-progress home instead.

So, how do you tackle your kids closets during a season change? Do you have a trick for a quick switch over? Perhaps you just have all the seasons in one closet all year long.  I just find this makes my kids closets too full and too confusing for them to pick out clothes.  The time it takes to pack up and switch over for seasons is saved ten folds over by not having that morning “no, you cannot wear those shorts to school, there is three feet of snow outside” fight. It is also easier to see what they have and to put clothes away when the closet has lots of breathing room.  I’ll spend the two hours it will take to switch their closets over in hopes of saving that time in the long run.

So, for all you working Mom’s out there, I applaud you.  The fact that you can work all day and come home to feed the kids, do the laundry and clean your home is nothing short of amazing.