Jeepers creepers.  Kids take up a lot of… well, EVERYTHING! They take up your time, your space and your thoughts… Lately I have realized that my children are literally my entire existence  They are my job, my fun and my entire reason for being… I need to get a life.

I have hobbies, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that my hobbies are making hair bows, tutus or other things FOR MY KIDS.  I’ve thought about going to the gym a few nights a week, but lets face it, I’d rather scrub toilets then sweat.  Besides, I want to do something I actually enjoy with my “me” time and something that does not involve children in any fashion!

The biggest problem is that I don’t really have the time for “me time”.  By the time I get dinner made, eaten, kids bathed and in bed it is already 8:30 pm.  Then there is lunches to make, kitchens and daycare spaces to clean and endless chores on my every growing to-do list.  I need to treat my busy evenings just like I do my busy day, with a schedule!

I’m going to give myself 8:30 to 10:00 each night just for me time! I can watch a movie, do a craft, read a book or ORGANIZE something!  That means I’m going to have to work harder to get everything done by 8:30, instead of time wasting with checking email, surfing the web or watching you-tube! All these 5 minute distractions here and there add up to hours of lost time and me never feeling like I really enjoyed any of it!  A better, and more efficient, use of my time would be to block out chunks of time for work and play and stick to those times.

So today I begin my new evening routine! I’m going to type it out and post it to my printables at, just in case you want to try it with me!




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