Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Nov 29, 2011 | Bathroom, Blog, Cleaning Tips

I love schedules and when I was first making the transition from super slob to clean freak, I used them religiously.  After a few years, it has just become second nature and I no longer needed to follow a defined “schedule”…that is until now.

The holiday season is busy… really busy.  In fact, we have a holiday party every single Saturday and Sunday from now until New Years day.  This means shopping and errands need to be done in the evenings, which leaves very little time for household tasks.

While every inch of me wants to just put my household duties on hold until after the holidays, deep down I know that this will only make more work for me later, and more stress.   Not cleaning regularly wrecks your home, it honestly does.  Dirt and grime build up and can stain carpets and hard surfaces like tubs, counter tops, sinks and even walls. And lets not even go there with the funk that embeds itself in your furniture and fabrics. Besides, letting your bathroom go means having to scrub it clean.  Wiping it down at least once a week means never having to scrub, and I hate scrubbing.

Re-Enter the Weekly Cleaning Schedule. This is the very best way I have found to keep on top of my home with minimal effort and time.  I’m bringing it back in my home over the holidays to force myself to do those 15-30 minutes or so a day that will keep my home clean and clutter-free this Christmas. Actually, Christmas is probably the most important time of the year to put your home on the top of your priority list.  Who has time to look for missing gifts, those favourite party shoes or  scrub the floor before guest stop by? Not me.

Here are a few different weekly cleaning lists I have found that can help you keep your home beautifully clean with minimal time and effort:

And don’t forget to purge your crap to make room for all the new shit you’re getting this year. Here is a cute 40 bags in 40 days list I found on Pinterest:

And last, but not least, here is a super cool way of keeping track of your gift giving this year: