Have a Kijiji Christmas

Dec 12, 2011 | Blog, Toy Organization

I am seriously considering having a Kijiji Christmas next year.  Last year I did a “Homemade Christmas” where I tried to make everyone’s gift.  Though making gifts turned out to be just as expensive, it sure was a whole lot more fun…and challenging!

Each year I have purchased a few of my girls gifts second hand.  I’d like to say that I’ve done this because I’m some hardcore tree hugging hippee who is concerned with the environmental impact of buying over packed crap from China, but the truth is I’m just cheap and my kids are too small to know any better.  I still spend the same amount I had budgeted for them, but $300 of second hand toys can fill a room with gifts, instead of buying just a few over priced ones.

After each great find for my kids I find myself thinking “I wish I could buy everyone a gift off Kijiji”.  We generally spend about $50 a person which seems to never be enough, but if I felt comfortable buying used for friends and family, I could get them great gifts…just without the box.  My little brother is a perfect example.  He wants Turtle Beach head phones for his PS3.  This bad boys are like $149! But used on Kijiji I can get them for my $50 budget.  Unfortunately, I just can’t get over giving a used gift.  Perhaps next year if I warn everyone in advance and buy literally EVERY gift used, it won’t seem so “cheap” and it will be a fun challenge for me!

How would you feel about getting a used gift? Some people I have talked to are grossed out about getting something from a stranger. They wonder if it has “germs” on it or not.  I’m a bit of a germ-a-phoebe myself, but I think that a lysol wipe can pretty much fix anything.  That may be because I have spent the last five years wiping poop and snot off everything though.

So if your a friend or family member reading this, be prepared! Next year may just be the year you receive used junk under the tree!