Perhaps I have an over active sense of smell to go with my over active imagination, but I find my home always smells a little bit…off.

My husband claims it is the combination of my vast array of cleaning supplies mixed together to make a horrible, lingering stink, but I disagree.   I can smell the smell more on the days I haven’t cleaned…and finding the culprit has proven to be my Achilles heel.

If you’ve ever noticed a hint of stink in your home, you feel my pain.  No matter how much I clean or scrub, it never has that “fresh” smell I’m after.  It’s not the house itself because this problem has followed me from my last home…maybe it’s me!  Perhaps I’ve been crawling around sniffing things in my home for years when the entire time it has simply been my arse, but I don’t think so.

I occasionally tackle the obvious areas in a desperate attempt to eliminate the stink.  I scrub garbage pails, run my dishwasher on empty with bleach and disinfect all around the toilets (to get rid of any complete misses by my preschool boys).  I Febreeze mattresses and couches and wipe out my fridge and stove.  I even placed Bounce sheets in my furnace filter…are you getting a sense of the crazy?  Despite my efforts, the smell is always there…taunting me.

My only explanation is that:

A) Everyone’s home has a smell that only they can smell and I need to get over it


B) My pets are to blame

My gut is leaning towards the pets. No matter how often I change the cats litter, lets face it, they are defecating in my home on a daily basis.  That also goes for the bunny.  And since it does not only smell in the laundry room, but kinda everywhere else, I can only assume my cats need deodorant or something.

Maybe I need to setup a de-funking schedule for my home.  I can make a list of the big scrubs that need to be done and try to tackle one each week.  Do you have a way of keeping the funk in your home at bay?  I’d love to hear your tips!

I think this week I’ll scrub my laundry room floor, even UNDER the cat litter boxes.  Next week, perhaps I’ll steam clean the mattresses! I’ll get this stink someday, if it’s the last thing I do…Muh ha ha ha ha ha (that’s my evil laugh)


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