I’ve Got a Bad Case of Laziness

Mar 8, 2012 | Bathroom, Blog, Cleaning Tips, Closets

I like to blame the pregnancy because that makes me feel better, but truthfully I think these extra 50 (or more) pounds are not exactly helping me either.  I’m tired ALL THE TIME. I’m tired and lazy.  I used to have so much energy, I could clean the house, play with the kids and blog all at the exact same time!  Now I’m lucky if I can peel myself off the couch to huff and puff up a flight of stairs to get the phone. Usually, I just let the machine get it.

Today was the first day in my 5 1/2 year old’s life that she did not have clean pants to wear in her closet….I’m that behind on my laundry.  I had to find her a pair from the dryer, which made me feel like the worst mother ever.  I actually contemplated telling her to just wear the dirty ones from yesterday… for shame.  I just have no want to do housework, period.  I have a blog on cleaning and organizing for pete’s sake and I just can’t be bothered to even empty the dishwasher.  Usually I spend half my grocery store trip checking for new cleaning products and being so excited to try them out.  Now, I just skip that aisle completely.  Even my 15 minute nightly cleaning ritually has been skipped a few times… a cardinal sin in this house.

I’ve gone from having no idea how people can possibly let their house get so out of control, to living my worst nightmare –  a house getting out of control.

So, what do you do when you just can’t get motivated? The bare minimum. What I have noticed over this past 6 weeks of morning sickness hell is that a lot of the housework I did daily was pretty much unnecessary.  I was a bit of a freak. I dusted at least three times a week, vacuumed daily and cleaned the bathrooms every single night.  This hiatus has taught me that all of that over cleaning was pretty much a waste of my time.  Vacuuming three times a week is still more than enough, dusting once a week has made no difference and just wiping down the toilets with a Clorox wipe seems to be all the bathrooms need each day.

What is important to focus on is laundry, dishes and putting stuff away when we are done with it. The rest of the stuff can be done in a few hours on the weekend or on a weeknight.

I have stumbled upon a cool blog called “The Lazy Mom” which has helped me feel a bit better about my recent lack of mom motivation.  Check her out at  http://www.imalazymom.com