Making Room for Little Ones

Apr 17, 2012 | Blog, Cleaning Tips, Kitchen

One of my all time favourite “organizing projects” I have done in my home is my kid cupboard.  There are many projects I have done where I spent very little time to organize something and had it make a big impact on my day to day, but this one stands out in my mind for a number of reasons.

I used to have all my kids dishes, cutlery and glasses (sippy cups too) in my cupboards along with my own dishes.  One day I read in a Montessori teaching style book that they recommend a separate area in your kitchen just for kids, I decided to give it a try.  I had to reorganize and purge some things to make room for a low cupboard just for my kids, but I instantly saw the benefits!

My kids loved having a little more independence, and I loved that they could help set the table and empty the dishwasher!  They can also get their own water if they are thirsty and get their own snack if they are hungry! This saves me time and gives them a sense of responsibly.

Now, all that being said, my kids cupboard could use a little fine tuning.  Cups fall over, lids get lost in the back and the cutlery container is often spilling on the floor.  My goal is to get my little ones some new dishes and reorganize this cupboard using some low baskets!

Check out my inspiration:

With a new baby on the way it also means cleaning out a cupboard for bottles, baby cereal, formula and eventually baby food…. sigh…. Here we go again!