I made my own little spring cleaning challenge this year (I made one last year too) to motivate me to get my home into tip top shape.  I’m going to use my pregnancy as an excuse for my recent bout of laziness, but now that I’m feeling better, I need to push myself to get going again.  My daily calendar has been that push I need!

Each day I have a different task that I need to complete.  Each of them takes less than an hour, so it isn’t overwhelming, but they are big enough taks to make a difference!  We all have those little household jobs that need to be done but we continue to put off…things like cleaning windows, cleaning up the storage room and washing all our baseboards! These things need to be done, but I don’t ever seem to get around to them!

So if you want to follow along and take the SPRING CLEANING CHALLENGE too, click April 2012 Spring Cleaning Challenge to download your copy!  You can check out last year’s challenge April Spring Cleaning Calendar

A really clean house makes Mommy happy! And when Mommy’s happy, the whole family is happy!


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