Quick Window Cleaning Tip

I hate doing windows and it’s a hatred that began in early childhood.  My parents completely scared me off with their crazy, excessive window cleaning ritual.  It literally took them HOURS to clean all the windows and I always had to help…I became a window-cleaning-a-phobe (is that a thing?)

Fast forward to adulthood and here I am in a home that I work hard to keep clean and I’m living with filthy, disgusting windows.  I tried spraying them with the hose (note this is the WORST possible thing you can do) and that made them much, much worse.  I knew I would have to climb up on the latter and spend an entire afternoon scrubbing with crumpled newspapers, so I kept putting it off.

While I was grocery shopping one day I found my salvation! Windex Outdoor All-In-One window cleaning system.  Holy freaking Hanna! It works amazingly well! For $15 I was able to clean ALL my windows in UNDER a half an hour….yes, under a HALF AN HOUR!!!

Simply spray your windows with the hose, scrub with the pad (that attaches to a broom for an extra 5 feet if your windows are super high like mine) and then rinse! Volia! Sparkling, streak free windows. No wiping required.  It’s lazy Mom cleaning at its best!  My Mom would probably not approve as it doesn’t do quite as good of a job as windex and newspaper..but it’s close enough that you would have to really inspect to find the occasional water droplet.  And, quite frankly, I have other crap I’d rather be doing with my weekends!

So, if your windows are filthy and your screens are on the INSIDE, this just may be the product for you!

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