A few Organizing Ideas to make your life easier

Aug 13, 2012 | Blog, Cleaning Tips, Closets, Kitchen

Here are a few of my favourite and inexpensive ideas that can help organize your home and life:

A Family Command Centre – Having a spot in your home where you display your family calendar, notes to your family members, to do lists and other reminders is a great way to keep organized.  I like having a dry erase board for quick notes and reminders right in my kitchen.  I keep track of ballet, soccer, doctors appointments and other daily tasks on my calendar and my magnetic white board is great for notes and reminders.  Having this up on the wall means you and your family members see it and use it often.

A Household Management Binder- I use my binder to house all of those papers that otherwise wouldn’t have a clear home but I need to access on a regular basis.  A Family Binder is a great place for school schedules, workout schedules, yearly calendars, family contact numbers, takeout menus, invitations, cleaning checklists and so much more.  I also have a section for business cards of local contractors I like and quick numbers of doctors, mechanics and hair salons we like to use.   Over the holidays I store all my Christmas receipts in a plastic sleeve in my binder!

A Lost Sock Bag or Bin- There is nothing worse than being tired and rushing in the morning while  trying to find a matching pair of socks in your drawer.  This can be forever avoided by simply NEVER putting a lone sock in your drawer ever again.  Instead, keep those lonely socks in a seperate bag or bin and go through it monthly to pair up your lost and lonely socks.

A Hanger Bin– I hate putting away laundry.  What makes it worse is going through the closet looking for empty hangers before I put my clothes away in the closet.  I save a few minutes by keeping all my empty hangers together in a bin or in one section of the closet.  When it’s time to put away laundry, I simply grab the stack of hangers and take them to my laundry pile.  This doesn’t work so well if you have metal hangers which tend to tangle, but it’s a great time to get rid of all those pesky wire hangers which just wreck your clothes anyways!