Organizing with Bins in the Bedroom

Jan 24, 2013 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets

A few years ago I made a New Years resolution to “get organized”. I’ll be honest, my home was a mess. My closets and drawers were bursting, I was constantly misplacing things and I couldn’t get anywhere on time to save my life.  I soon discovered the secret to an organized home.  Bins. Well, bins and baskets and just about every other type of container you can use to “contain” your belongings.  “A home for everything and everything in it’s home” is the true definition of organization and the easiest way to get their is by utilizing and labeling containers.

My very first organizing project was my small closet and I still use the same system today! I bought bins from the dollar store (dish pans actually) and I labeled them and put them on shelves in my closet. Instantly, I had a home for all of my clothes that previously were shoved in drawers or piled in corners!

The best part about bins in the bedroom is how much easier it makes putting away laundry. I absolutely hate putting away laundry, but it is just one of those tasks that needs to get done. Having bins to simply toss clothing into makes it SO much easier! I’ll admit it, I don’t fold all of my laundry. I use bins for pajamas (seriously, why fold them?), camisoles, bathing suits, workout clothes and off season clothing. In my baby’s room I use bins for baby blankets, shoes, towels, crib sheets and of course a hanger bin!

Let’s talk about a hanger bin for a minute. My hanger bin saves me A LOT of time and I recommend trying this in your own home. Simply designate a spot for empty hangers and get into the habit of putting them there when you take off a piece of clothing.  When it comes time to put clothes away, just bring the hanger bin to your laundry basket and hang away! No more searching for empty hangers and moving back and forth to your closet for each item you want to put away. It saves a lot of time.

Bins in your bedroom don’t only need to be in the closet! Use shallow bins to divide dresser drawers or have a bin to place watches, keys and loose change on top of your dresser!  We even have an extra bin in our closet for our dirty hand wash items so they don’t get mixed in with our regular clothing.

Bins in the Bedroom! Give it a try and you’ll see how such a simply idea can have such a huge impact.