Create more kitchen storage with a DIY buffet

Apr 16, 2013 | Blog, Kitchen

I love the look of a buffet beside a dining table and they are super handy to have, but they can be expensive! A buffet not only provides more kitchen storage, but it’s also a great spot to put extra dishes and food when having a big dinner party.

You can create a DIY buffet in your home without having to spend a lot of money.  Our buffet holds A TONNE of stuff, but it is just an inexpensive Ikea shelf with legs attached to the bottom!  I put some inexpensive $10 lamps on top to give it a more real buffet look and added some $1 banker boxes from Ikea for extra storage.  My little buffet is home to my light bulbs, baking supplies, tea and coffee, paper plates and cutlery, placemats, serving dishes, household manuals and my kids play doh….yep, all that hidden in my handy $50 buffet!


There are lots of other neat ways you can DIY some kitchen storage. Check out this neat idea with the same single Ikea shelving:




An old dresser is also a great way to DIY a buffet in your dining area! I love this fun painted one:

front shot with type

Have an old armoire? Why not paint it to match your kitchen and use it to store extra kitchen stuff or turn in into a cool bar for coffee or alcohol!