Find the Money Hidden in Your Home

May 7, 2013 | Blog, Toy Organization


I want a new conversation set for my back yard this year, but the hubs is putting a stop to my recent spending spree.  I decided that, while he said I can’t spend any money on new patio furniture right now, he didn’t say I couldn’t find money for it!


Enter my PURGING PLAN! It is so much easier to get rid of stuff when you have an end game in mind.  My desire for that new, beautiful red conversation set far outweighs my desire to hold onto my useless junk!  Goodbye unused telescope, see ya later old picture frames! I found oodles of stuff I am not using! My plan? First I’m going to take photos and post it on (its like Craig s List) and anything I don’t sell there, I’m having a yard sale on May 18th!

Here is a quick “how to” to have the PREFECT yard sale! Find the hidden cash in your house! (I totally stole this list from


Choose the right date

Pick a day near the 1st or 15th of the month, when people are usually paid. To guarantee customers show up, make sure the yard sale doesn’t  fall on a holiday or a long weekend.


Be Prepared
Start gathering stuff 2-3 weeks in advance. Collect everything in one place in your house and group items together according to function.


Find a friend
If you don’t have much to sell, find a friend or neighbor to join you. This will increase your yard sale’s curb appeal! The more items you have the more apt people are to stop and check it out.


Create “departments”
Group similar items together, like you’d see at a department store, for easy browsing. Place toys and stuffed animals on lower tables so children can reach them.


Grab attention of passers-by
Put larger and more eye catching items near the road and cover the tables you’re using with colorful table cloths.


Price right
Add a few dollars to the prices of items. This allows for wiggle room in case people want to haggle with you. You can always lower your prices if the items aren’t selling or you see that someone is really interested.



Tell Everyone! In addition to signs around town and an ad in the local newspaper, advertise your yard sale on Kijiji or craigslist.

Here is a great free printable!