Spring Clean your Closet

Jun 6, 2013 | Blog, Cleaning Tips, Closets

I haven’t posted in awhile…a long while.  I’m still fighting my lazy lump phase.  I miss my crazy, rabid spider monkey energy, but at this point, I have to face the fact that it may be gone forever (*sniff*).

I think I still have the ADD part, just minus the “H” now, which isn’t nearly as fun 🙁

I’m trying though.  I’m back to square one with list making and forcing myself to get motivated and I’m slowly getting things done.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on top of the mundane day-to day crap-o-la (cleaning, laundry etc) but I just am missing that extra umph that had me taking on new projects (aka the fun stuff) all the time.

So here I am.  Bored but lazy and wondering what productive thing I can do that will give me the thrill of accomplishment without actually having to break a sweat or spend much time doing it.  I decided to SPRING CLEAN MY CLOSET! Yup. Easy and Effective.  I recently bought new hangers to accommodate all my clothes, but my tiny closet is bursting which causes me stress in the mornings and my clothes are getting wrinkly all smooshed together like that!.  LET THE PURGING BEGIN!


I’m picking a number...I like 13 today. It feels kinda like my mood. Today I am removing 13 things from my closet to donate. 13 items that are stained, or old or just don’t look nice on me anymore.  I recommend a quick spring cleaning purge for yourself! Give your closet some breathing room!   Take an extra 5 minutes to turn all your hangers backwards and it will make your next purge even easier! Any hangers that are left backwards in 6 months haven’t been worn and those clothes can just go!

LET”S PURGE TODAY! Nothing get me out of a funk more than a quick and easy organizing project!

Closet still look well, crappy? Here are some quick fixes for a crammed closet:


Does your closet have just one bar across lined with clothes? This is the WORST waste of space.  You can DOUBLE your closet space by raising this bar and adding another one underneath!


Hate hanging your clothes up but your dressers are full? No problem! Lower your bar as far as it will go without clothes touching the floor and install shelving above.  Place inexpensive open bins on top and literally “toss” your extra clothing and shoes in! Make sure you LABEL and give each bin a specific item to house (shoes, pajamas, t-shirts, sweaters etc)


Don’t want to spend money on your closet? I understand.  Maybe you rent or have other more important things you need to spend your cash on, but remember, indulging on your closet is an investment in yourself!  You’ll save time getting ready, your clothes will last longer if they are taken care of and you will be less stressed every morning!  Remember, purging costs you NOTHING! We wear 80 percent of our clothing 20 percent of the time.  That means 80 percent of your closet is unworn stuff and unloved stuff that is just taking up space.